Every Thug Needs A Lady

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Essence® bestselling author Wahida Clark created a gripping look at sex, violence, and the struggles of ghetto life in her first bestselling novel, Thugs and the Women Who Love Them. Her gritty portrayal of love in a criminal world now continues in the sequel where strong men make bad choices--and good women are their only hope.

Having escaped from the hard streets where deals go down on the corner and shots ring out in the night, sexy, beautiful Roz--friend of Angel, Jaz, and Kyra, who've all loved thugs of their own--is on her way to a professional career in physical therapy. She doesn't need to make a U-turn back to the ghetto. But then she meets Trae, who's still after the bling bling and fast money of drugs. He's hard, hot, irresistible--and trouble.

Soon Roz is wild for a brother whose world is filled with dark schemes and deadly desires. But blinded by her passion, she can't see the heartbreak ahead where the 'hood has a law of its own--and its own brand of revenge . . .

The spellbinding story of dangerous love . . .

Title: Every Thug Needs A Lady
Author: Wahida Clark
Published: 2006-10-01

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