Island Magic

Monday, February 14, 2000

Sun, sand, and a sexy stranger-- it's the perfect recipe for...Island Magic.

Far From Home by Rochelle Alers
Disappointed that her two children chose to spend the holidays with their father and his young wife, Erika Williams heads to St. Thomas alone, to drown her sorrows in the Caribbean sun. But a handsome senator threatens to intrude upon Erika's solitude-- and her heart...

An Estate of Marriage by Shirley Hailstock
A travel mix-up finds Naomi Davenport and Stephen Weller sharing the same Hawaiian estate together. Virtual strangers, the two have nothing in common. Nothing, but fierce chemistry that will either have them at each other's throats-- or in each other's beds...

Then Came You by Marcia King-Gamble
Jilted by her fiance just days before her wedding, Raven Adams insists on taking their honeymoon by herself-- after all, it is paid for, and what she needs right now is to disappear. Swearing she's done with love, Raven doesn't expect to fall for the fine-looking bartender at her Grenadine Island hotel-- and that's not the only surprise in store for Raven...

Enchanted by Felicia Mason
An "all-girls" trip to Martinique is fine-- unless you're the only unmarried woman in the group. Alone and disenchanted with love, Regine Bryant wants nothing more than an island fling-- but when she meets a sexy older man, she might get more than she bargained for...

Title: Island Magic: Far from Home/An Estate of Marriage/Then Came You/Enchanted (Romance Anthology)
ISBN: 9780312973001
Author: Rochelle Alers, Shirley Hailstock, Marcia King-Gamble, Felicia Mason
Published: 2000-02-15

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