On My Terms

Monday, December 31, 2007

She'll Have To Return To Her Past...

Theresa Ramsey has gone to great lengths to put her hometown of Lake Royce, New York, behind her. It was a place of bad memories. But her cousin's recent death and the young daughter she's left behind have brought Theresa back to the house she grew up in--a house that now belongs to her. But when she arrives on her property, she discovers a movie crew who has over-stayed its contract. Theresa has no intention of extending it no matter how earnest, caring, and handsome the director is...

To Discover Her Future...

Dean Clayton's career is riding on this film. His family has sunk a fortune into the project, and he's determined to prove himself to them, and to Hollywood. But something is missing from the plot, a puzzle piece Dean feels he can find in Lake Royce...and in Theresa, the intriguing woman he is compelled to be near. But with Theresa determined to keep their relationship all business, Dean's got to show her more than movie magic to open her heart ....

Title: On My Terms
Author: Shirley Hailstock
Published: 2008-01-01

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